Bare Patch Repair

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We offer a variety of commercial and residential property maintenance services to ensure your property is well maintained throughout the Wisconsin seasonal changes. Our services include lawn caregutter cleaning & repairsprofessional window cleaning and pressure washing.

Sun Prairie Bare Patch Repair

Have a Stubborn Bald Spot in Your Lawn? We Can Help!
Waggoner Home Services Bald Spot Repair is designed to encourage grass to grow in difficult areas within a lawn where traditional overseeding does not take.

How It Works:
When repairing bald spots we start with tilling in a fresh batch of soil and organic fertilizer in preparation of  growing your new grass.

Once this is completed we will sow in premium grass seed and top the seed off with a fresh batch of straw.

This is followed up with a sprinker system which will keep the area moist by watering 2 times per day until the roots have fully taken root.

Once the grass has fully sprouted we will collect our sprinkler system and over seed if needed.

Estimated Time for Growth:
This may take up to 5 weeks depending on the rain and heat index during the time of planting grass.

Lawn Care Services We Offer

Our lawn care services are customized to fit your personal needs. Whether you are scheduling services while out of town or looking for continual properly lawn care maintenance for multiple homes; Waggoner Home Services is happy to assist with your lawn care needs. 

How It Works

When you contact Waggoner Home Services one of our lawn care consultants will schedule a time to walk through your property and create a custom itemized plan based on your lawns needs.

Upon completion we will deliver a proposal including these services and review your options with you to determine the optimal lawn care package for this season.

Troubleshooting Problematic Lawn Areas

Ask us for soil testing during our lawn survey for $25 and we will test your soils PH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, moisture, sunlight and breath-ability of your lawn to determine the best approach to take your lawn from the dry brown spotty lawn it is today to the lush green lawn you desire. 

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